I am Nate Winter

Hi, my name is Nate Winter.
I’m a digital media artist and motion designer based in Milwaukee, WI.

Since my earliest memories, I’ve been captivated by art and design. I started drawing around the age of 5 and as a young kid I had to have a pencil and a piece of paper with me wherever I went. Anything I had an interest in outside of illustrating would become the source and subjects of my art. Movies, music, video games, skateboarding… it all found it’s way into my sketchbook. I loved creating something out of nothing and that passion still follows me to this day.
Upon embarking on formal education in graphic design, a lightbulb went off. I recognized the potential of giving my art a purpose and direction. This realization fueled my passion to learn and master all of the tools for bringing my creative visions to life. Discovering the world of 3D design and animation was the final game-changer for me. It opened up a whole new world of possibilities to turn my wild ideas into reality.

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